Sneha Sasikumar

Sneha Sasikumar (also known as Sneha Guruvayur) is an accomplished Performing artist (Kuchipudi) Choreographer and Art educator from Hyderabad, hailing from Guruvayur, Kerala. She is a member of International Dance Council at UNESCO, and American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA), with a career spanning over 15 years, with a Post graduation in Performing Arts, at the University of Hyderabad.

Recently she has started a series of Kuchipudi Workshops- "HEALING AND GROWING THROUGH KUCHIPUDI" , free of cost, with an aim to provide basic Kuchipudi training and to make it available to all, through classes that run throughout the year at multiple locations for the underprivileged and physically disabled. She aims to edify such kids by furthering their emotional, cognitive and social integration and there by improving their attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving and creativity through the art of dancing.

Sneha did her masters in performing arts from Hyderabad Central University with 1st rank in Kuchipudi stream. Her thesis work was on “Descriptions of Dance in Kalidasa’s Vikramorvasiyam with special reference to Natyasastra” which was presented and highly appreciated. She has acquired Certificate course in Kuchipudi from Potti Sri Ramalu Telugu University and has performed over a hundred stages in India and abroad. Besides she has also given lecture demonstrations and art appreciation programmes at various places.She is a graded artist of Chennai Dooradarsan and also Qualified as Asst. Professor, Performing Arts-Dance and Dance music UGC-NET June 2015

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